What are productized services?

What are Productized services and how to easily start one.

What are productized services?

Ever heard of productized services?

It’s like freelancing but with a twist, offering you a smoother ride in the self-employed world. Let’s dive together into what it’s all about and why it might just be the game-changer you need.

Understanding Productized Services

So, productized services are essentially your skills packaged into a neat, sellable box. Instead of tailoring your services to each client, you create a one-size-fits-all package with a fixed price tag.

It’s like selling a product, but the product is your awesome service.

Let’s break it down with some examples:

  • Content writer: Instead of writing bespoke articles for each client, you offer packages of, say, five blog posts a month on topics they choose.
  • SEO: Offer a standard SEO review service where you analyze a client’s website and provide a set of recommendations with unlimited revisions monthly.
  • Design Bundles: Provide design bundles for clients looking for branding materials, social media graphics, etc., all under one fixed price. (Good examples are,
  • Legal Advice Hours: Offer legal consultation packages with a set number of hours included.
  • Tech Support Subscriptions: Have clients subscribe for monthly tech support.

Why are productized services so good?

Productized services might just be the ticket if you're looking to scale up without getting overwhelmed.

When you have a set package of services, you can serve more clients without having to reinvent the wheel for each one, which means you can bring in more income.

It also leads to a steady cash flow since you have set prices for set services, bringing some much-needed predictability and stability to the often uncertain freelance income.

But there’s more. With your services neatly packaged up, you can automate some of your processes, making your workflow smoother and saving you time for, well, living.

Clients also tend to appreciate the clarity that comes with productized services. They know exactly what they’re getting and for how much, making it easier for them to make a decision (and for you to make a sale).

And with the nitty-gritty details ironed out, you can focus on what you do best and ensure you’re delivering top-quality services every time.

Easily get started with Breeew

So, in a nutshell, productized services allow you to work smarter, not harder, making your freelance life a little bit simpler and easy to scale.

The question is: how do you get started fast?

This is exactly why Breeew has been created for. It's the easiest way to create and manage your productized service.

Helping you with accepting subscription, managing your subscribers and offering then the best possible experience with a custom client portal under your own branding!

Give it a go and send me a message if your need any help, I'll be here to assist you!